fees & expenses

The time and resources needed for counsel and management vary widely depending on the scale and scope of the project. Dollhopf Associates works with the client well in advance – and without obligation – to develop realistic budgets and timelines. In most cases a range of time and expenses is estimated to allow for the vagaries of strategic planning or specific projects.

Fees are billed on an hourly basis with reports filed for actual time billed. Invoices are reported monthly comparing actual to budget. Any deviations from the projected budget – based on more or less time needed – is negotiated well in advance.

All travel and administrative costs are estimated in advance with client approval and billed as incurred.

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Forums, Speeches, and One-off Events

Leadership forums, brainstorming sessions, meeting facilitations, speeches, and other one-off events are billed according to the scale and scope of the presentation – from one day presentations to multiple day forums, from small seminar formats to large audience presentation. Fees depend on the amount of time needed for the event itself and for the preparation and distribution of presentation materials in advance as needed and appropriate.

Project Management

The management of some international projects – such as alumni service corps, choruses, and other alumni “ambassador” programs – can be billed on a per traveler basis and built into the individual participant cost of the project. The university might not need to absorb any management or consulting fees. Such arrangements depend on the number of anticipated travelers, travel accommodations, and expected class of travel. (Some alumni initiatives require four or five star hotels; others – like service tours – can be low cost hostels or host home opportunities.) In other cases, where the institution desires to keep the per traveler costs low, the management fees can be billed as direct consulting fees to the institution, not billed per traveler.